Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


Title: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Author: Ransom Riggs

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Science-Fiction





A story about regret, loss and the consequences to choices we make.

Jacob describes himself as “normal”. He lives a protected and agonizingly boring life. He has no friends and is really close with his grandfather, who told him many gruesome stories about his childhood. About children with peculiar abilities being chased by monsters.
Jacob does not believe that these stories are real, but rather fairytales. Until his grandfather dies of rather strange reasons. From then on, everything changes for Jacob. He wants to find out the truth, despite the disbelief of his parents and his psychiatrist.

The book is a science-fiction/horror/fantasy-all-in-one. The story is fascinating, fast-paced and has a very peculiar sense of humor.
I loved the photographs displayed in the book. They made the story much more special. All of them are real photographs collected by all kinds of people. Everytime Jacob describes one of the children, the matching picture helps in visualizing them. They also give the book an eerie feeling.
Riggs has collected all of the pictures on yard sales, flea markets and from other collectors and invented the story to match the pictures and not the other way round. I think that this is very fascinating, because it shows just how much imagination Riggs has.

I liked that the peculiar children not only had the “ordinary-fantasy-abilities”, but also very special skills, that I have not yet heard of before, like the boy, who had bees living inside of him, or the girl, who has a mouth on the back of her head.

The way, time is displayed in this book is really intriguing. The loop is nothing new, there are many stories where someone traveled through a “gate” and arrived in a past or the future. However, Riggs added a new aspect with the headmistress, who is responsible for the loop and has to take care of it. It completely makes sense to me, that someone has to travel through the loop every so often to keep it open.

There are two aspects, which did not make sense to me. For one, Jacob does not sound like a teenager. I know he lived a very sheltered life and spent most of his life with his grandfather, but there was never a moment, when I really could identify myself with him.
Additionally, I am disturbed with the relationship between Emma and her history with Jacob’s grandfather. You don’t start a relationship with the grandson of your Ex!!!


Nevertheless, I loved, loved, loved the book! 😍

Already ordered the second one online. 😁 The cliffhanger in the first book was brutal.


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