New World: Rising by Jennifer Wilson




Title: New World: Rising (New World #1)

Author: Jennifer Wilson

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Romance,





After an apocalypse called The Devastation, The Old World is destroyed. Earthquakes, volcanoes and flooding led to panic in the human population.

In the New World an impenetrable force field shields those who want security and equality in The Sanctuary. Everybody else was left to live outside, in Tartarus. Here, Tribes were formed in order to survive in the harsh world. You only have one choice:

 “Join or die.”

The tale follows Phoenix, a teenager living in Tartarus, who watched her parents being murdered when she was just 11 years old. She never got to ask, why her parents left The Sanctuary.

Phoenix refuses to join the tribes and is determined to survive in this cruel world.

I have to tell the truth: At first I picked the book because of the BEAUTIFUL COVER! But as soon as I started reading it, I was sucked into this New World. This may be because of the beautiful drawings and sketches at the beginning of the book, which helped visualizing each of the tribes. You were kind of already a part of the story, before you even started reading it.

I loved the way the characters were described. There were a lot of details, especially with the Tribes, but you also had the chance to use your own imagination.

I can’t decide, who my favorite character is. I love, how Phoenix’ flaws were way more apparent than her strength and how she slowly learns to trust people. Mouse is such a sweet girl, who is rescued by Phoenix. She is kind of like a little sister to Phoenix and she is the reason, why Phoenix breaks her own rules.

The last main character we have is Triven. And OMG, I think I just found myself a new fictional boyfriend! He is a booklover, a gentleman and he is good with Mouse.

But sadly, he likes Phoenix.

Triven and Phoenix are so cute together. They had me smiling a lot during the story.
However, the story is not solely focused on the relationship between the two. The book is filled with action and intense emotions. My parents asked me, what I am reading, since my facial expressions were changing so much. I felt so many emotions during the story, I cannot put it in words.

At first I felt like the book would be just a mix of all famous dystopian novels. That is not the case! Some aspects remind me of “The Host” or “Divergent”, but those were all minor parts. The story has some really unique components to it and the worldtelling is amazing.

The cliffhanger at the end is brutal! I cannot wait to see where this series is going, I really need the second book ASAP!

I recommend this book to everyone who loves dystopian novels. It is definitely my favorite book I have read this year and it is one of my favorite dystopian novels!



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