Life By Committee by Corey Ann Haydu


Title: Life By Committee (German: Don´t tell me lies)

Author: Corey Ann Haydu

Genre: Romance, Teen-fiction

Date of first publication: 214



LBC  is a story about a desperate teenage girl, who tries to get some kind of structure in her life.

Tabitha is lonely. Everybody left her, because apparently she changed. Everybody, except Joey. But Joey has a girlfriend. She really likes him and does not know, what to do, because Joey does not want to break up with his girlfriend, Sasha Cotton. Additionally, Tabitha also struggles with acknowledging the fact that things at home are changing, as her mom is pregnant again. She is close to exploding, when she finds a website: LIFE BY COMMITTEE.
LBC is an anonymous page, where people post secrets and the get a task from the community, that they have to do.

The rules:

1. Post one secret a week.
2. Finish the task in 24h to be an active member.
3.Being an active member is the only way to keep your secret safe.

The first secret Tabitha posts on the website:

 I kissed someone else boyfriend. Bitty

The story follows Tabitha as she starts to get more and more into the website, starts performing the tasks not realizing the true danger of the internet.


I think it is really difficult to write a review about this book.
Tabithas parents are supposedly modern and hip, but they made me cringe. Her dad is high most of the time, even though her mom is pregnant. They want to become the perfect parents for the baby and don´t realize what kind of struggles Tabitha is going through at that time. (Not that they actually achieved their goal of becoming better parents.)

Joey is the guy she likes. I do not know what to think of him. He is in a relationship with Sasha Cotton, but also kisses Tabitha. This side of him I do not like. On the other hand, he is really nice towards Sasha and is immediately at her side, if she needs him. This is actually kind of cute. But his attitude towards Tabitha is the main reason I feel so much dislike towards him.He wants her to understand that Sasha needs him and that he does not want to break up with her. But you do not kiss other girls when you love your girlfriend!

LBC gave me the chills. The website felt more like a cult convincing people to ruin lives. The idea behind it is scary. Why would you want to share your secrets with strangers and then get tasks that potentially destroy someones life?

Do it again.

I thought it was hard, to get into the story, as I could not really relate to Tabitha. She destroys the relationship between Sasha and Joey. (Okay, I know, she is in love and all that, but YOU JUST DON´T DO THAT KIND OF STUFF!!!) Tabitha acts before she thinks and is very impulsive, another character trait that I do not have.

The only common thing we have is the love for books. I love the idea of reading someone annotations in a book. The idea of passing the book to other people is awesome. I really wished I could do something like that.

The style of writing in the books was really good, which made reading this book bearable. At the beginning ( or in the end) of each chapter was a secret, which was posted by one of the members. At first, those did not really make sense, but they helped understanding those characters, who we only get to know through the website.

The ending really surprised me though. Who would have thought that Sasha Cotton is Agnes?


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