Lord of the Flies by William Golding



Author: William Golding

Genre: Allegory; adventure story; castaway fiction; loss-of-innocence fiction

Date of first publication: 1954




The book is a dystopian novel and takes place on a deserted island. It is about a group of boys, whose plane has been shot down because of a war. The book does not tell you, what war. We don´t know if it is fictional, first world war or second world war.
The boys decide to named one of the older boys, Ralph, as chief of their tribe. This rubs another boy, whose name is Jack, in the wrong way. At first, everything is fine, but then slowly everything falls apart.
Ralph wants order, but Jack gets distracted with hunting and eating meat.Everyone slowly turns on Ralph and goes more towards Jacks side.
This is where the dystopian part comes. The lesson of the book is, that when there is no order, everything falls apart. This can be seen in the characters, as they get more primal and animalistic.

One thing, which annoyed me was the language. The book is written in British slang and the author uses words like “biguns” instead of “big ones”. This made it kinda hard to read for me, as I had to reread sentences pretty often and which is the reason, why I needed two days to finish the book.

All in all, the story is great and fast to read. It is really dark and disturbing, but definitely a good book!
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