New World: Ashes by Jennifer Wilson


Title: New World: Ashes

Author:  Jennifer Wilson

Genre: Dystopia

Homepage: The New World Series



WARNING: May contain Spoilers for New World: Rising!

Review to the first book in the series: New World: Rising by Jennifer Wilson


After Phoenix, a 17-year-old orphan rogue, sacrifices herself for her loved ones, her world again takes an unexpected turn. She may have forgotten her past, but it hasn’t forgotten her. A war is coming and her role in it will be pivotal.
That is… if she survives.

(from the website)


I absolutely love Jennifer’s writing style. The darkness in which she describes the world is thrilling. Unlike the first book New World: Ashes is not set in the dark alleyways of Tartarus, but beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary. The Plot was easy to follow and every page was packed with action and suspense. In my opinion, Jennifer’s writing style has improved even more and I already really liked the first book.
Fights, revelations and plot twists seem to be on almost every page and I had a hard time putting the book down. Anyway, sometimes the darkness was a little bit too gruesome and I won’t recommend the book to fainthearted people.

Even with all the action, Jennifer still manages to include THE FEELS! I love Triven and Phoenix, they are so cute together!

The character development was on point. We see how Phoenix is growing throughout the book and the struggles she faces when trying to be more affectionate towards her loved ones. She is remarkably brave and strong and  it was amazing to watch her grow throughout her struggles.
In this book we get introduced to so many new characters and we learn a lot about Phoenix’ parents and her past. I loved meeting the new characters and the book always kept me on my toes.

Unlike the first book, the cliffhanger at the end was not as brutal, but I am pumped for the last book in the series! On one hand I do not want the story to end, but I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out in the end!



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