I´ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella


Title: I´ve Got Your Number

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Genre: Chicklit, Romance, Comedy

Date of first publication: 2012







Poppy has a really bad day. She lost her engagement ring and her phone got stolen in the same night. She then finds a phone in a trash can and keeps it because

once an item lands in a bin it belongs to the public, you know. Anyone can claim it.

She is freaking out and gives the number to everybody so they can call her when they find the ring, because she is really scared of what her fiancé and her fiancés parents would say.
The phone is a company´s phone and belongs to the PA of Sam Roxton, who calls her as he is looking for his PA.
Poppy convinces him to share the phone as she hopes for someone to call because of the engagement ring. They make a deal, where she forwards all emails to him and in return she can keep it for the time being. But then she starts to read all those messages and meddles in his business.

The book was hilarious. I was laughing so much because there is a lot of dry humor going on in the book.
Poppy was very dramatic, very over the top and kind of got on my nerves at the beginning, but she grew much during the story, that I really liked her at the end. She started pulling her shit together and stopped being a brainless klutz.
At first I thought that Sam would be this very stiff businessman, but he is actually really funny. Her fiancé on the other hand, I didn´t like that much. He is supposedly a genius, but as far as I could tell, he just got on my nerves. He made Poppy feel inadequate, but this might also be because of Poppy´s dramatic personality. She feels not good enough for him and she thinks that his parents feel the same way, because they are all geniuses and have Ph.D., while she is “just a physiotherapist”.
All in all, I think this book was pretty good for a Chicklit. The ending is pretty predictable, but it was fun to see, how the characters developed and how the story unfolds!


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