“Write like it matters, and it will”- Libba Bray #NaNoWriMo Day7


Good evening, everyone!

Why is it that I write best between 10 pm and 1 am? It is the worst time to write if you have to get up the next morning at 6am. Trust me, been there, done that. I went to bed late last night so I decided I should sleep in until 7 (gotta get my 6 hours of sleep someway 😝) Had some classes this morning and was the worst procrastinator this evening.

I feel like sometimes it is the hardest step to just start writing. (Same with running. Or everything else for that matter) Once you have noted down a couple of words, it gets easier. Ideas start to flow through your head and there seems to be no way to stop now. You just gotta get those ideas on the paper.Thats the feeling I had tonight. I loved it and I hope it comes again.


Today’s word count: 2036

Total Word Count: 12203

Song of the day: Revelation Song by Kari Jobe

How is your NaNoWriMo coming along? I would love to be Buddies!

If you want to check out the last few days of NaNoWriMoing, here are the days:

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I wish you all a good night! Until tomorrow! 💕📖


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