Unsere Verlorenen Herzen von Krystal Sutherland [GERMAN]




Titel: Unsere Verlorenen Herzen

Author: Krystal Sutherland

Genre: YA, Romanze, Contemporary

Publikation: 25. September 2017

Seiten: 384

ISBN: 9783570164976


Verlag: cbt


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A Week of Scotland

Hey there!

I am back! Almost two month ago I made my last post about my goals of traveling more often. And now I am back! A week of traveling the scottish highlands has left me tired but happy. I wish I could describe the stunning nature, but there are no words imaginable to describe the beautiful country.

But lets start at the beginning.

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August Favorites


It is blueberry season! I bought blueberries once this month, but my mom send me two packages with blueberries she picked! You can definitely tell a difference between store bought and hand-picked. Sadly, blueberry-season is over now and I will have to go back to eating stop-bought ones. 😔

Kettle & Toaster

My flatmate moved out for the next 6 month to do an internship in Vienna. On the day of her move she decided to take her Toaster and Kettle with her. I can’t exactly say that I am sad about it because I bought these beauties at Lidl, a grocery store here in Germany for less than 20 € each. And they are so cute! I love the vintage and girly vibe! They are just perfect. 💕


I don’t know if you remember my posts from NaNoWriMo last year ( Yes, I totally failed at writing a post each day, but at least I won.) During that time, I met some lovely people and we met up almost every weekend during November to write. The tradition still stands. Not every weekend, but at least once or twice a month we meet up to write and talk or, in my case, study. As a tradition we go to the same cafe every time and I always order coffee. ☕️

But this month, during one of the extremely hot days I decided to follow the advice of one of my friends and got one of their homemade lemonade. Life has not been the same! Their lemonade is really tasty, sweet, but not overly so and the even put fresh fruit in their drinks!


In another shopping spree to avoid studying I found these beautiful nail polishes from essie. They came in a pack of three and I absolutely love these colors. I am normally not a big fan of light pink nails, but the color is perfect for summer.


I hope you enjoyed my monthly favorites! What is your favorite this month?

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social anxiety

Hello peeps!

Today I come to you with a slightly different topic. I want to talk about my social anxiety and how it really affects my life because I know there are a lot of people out there who have social anxiety, are introverted and shy. I always find it comforting to know that I am not the only one feeling this way. Whenever I am in social surroundings, I feel like I am surrounded by confident people, who walk into the room and their energy is everywhere. They control the conversations and I really think those people are great and interesting, but I am NOT one of those people and I feel that a lot of the time I hold myself back from being the best I could be  because I still have such intense social anxiety.

One of the reasons is that I am so worried that people get the wrong impression of me. I do not mean this in the vain way, where it is associated with this negative connotation, it is more of an “I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. I dont want anyone to get the wrong impression of me and my intentions.” I don’t have never been a confident person, but I was (mostly) comfortable with myself. But why do I forget that when it comes to social interactions? I know most of us have been raised with phones and computer, so there is a lot less face-to-face interactions. But is that really the reason, why me and many other people struggle with this?

I allow people to completely overrule me, completely outtalk me, but I try to say a sentence and I will be shut down and will respectfully listen to them. For me it is a sign of respect, when you don’t interrupt someone and I have this invisible barrier that forbids me from interrupting them, even though they do the same to me. I don’t want to make them uncomfortable, just because they’re making me feel uncomfortable. However, this whole ordeal doesn’t make me feel good after the conversation.

I hate the anxiousness that courses through my body whenever I am in a social or unknown situation. I clamp up, stop talking and just stand (or sit) there. My friends or acquaintances think that is my normal personality, that I am not interested in talking to them, or that I don’t have anything to say. In those moments however, I feel so trapped and suffocated, that I can’t think of anything but trying to breathe. It feels like my environment is sucking the air out of me. I am trapped and suffocated, like my body is some box, that I can’t break out of.

And I hate it. I hate the feeling, the pain, and the thoughts. These memories of the occurrences seem to be branded into my brain forever and I find myself thinking about it as soon as I am alone. This leads to me being even more anxious. I am scared that this will happen again and recently I realized that I started to avoid even spending time with my friends.

On some level I feel confident in myself. I was quite proud of my grades in school, I am confident in my ability to go running and I am pretty funny and sarcastic (when you really know me and I am comfortable with you). But how can all of these things leave my brain, when I try to hold a conversation with a stranger? Or a person more confident and “louder”?

But I also realized the past few month, that it is okay. It is okay to be quiet, to be a listener, a thinker and an introvert. Because how could it work, if all people were extrovert, loud and had a dominant personality? Just be you. Find people who are likeminded, who are interested in you and don’t mind if you need some time to get comfortable. People who don’t mind talking, but don’t undermine you by interrupting you when you are trying to get your point across. I believe in you!

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I am packing my bag…

…because I really want to travel! I can finally tell you: In October I will fly to Scotland with my sister for a week! Aaaargh, I am so excited already. Before deciding on Scotland, I looked through my travel bucket list to get some inspiration. I knew I only had a limited amount of time (because my sister has to go back to school) and we both don’t have enough money for some exotic location. While searching through the papers I thought, why not share this with you?!

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Spring Cleaning: How To Clean Your House In One Day.

As the winter goes, and the flowers start to bloom, it is the perfect time to purge, clean and organize.

Do you also belong to the group of people who dread the annual spring cleaning? I for myself try to keep the house clean consistently, but every once in a while, the dishes start to pile up and I wonder how long I forgot to clean the bathroom. And its times like these that I get  call from my family, announcing their visit. Tomorrow. During the past years I have build a plan to not loose my cool while cleaning everything in one day.

Start with the bathroom. If you start at 9 am, you can sleep in, but you won’t waste the day away. First put the rugs in the washer. If you wash them now, they will be dry by tomorrow. Next replace the towels with new ones and wash the mirrors and windows. Look through your bottles and articles. Are there any old ones? Through them away! 😉 Are there empty ones? Toss them too! Next clean your bathtub/shower by spraying the whole tub and all tiles and scrubbing away the grime.

Followed by the cleaning the toilet and wiping off the appliances, you are almost done!

To finish off, there is only the floor left. Vacuum the floor and the ceiling and wipe the floor. Congrats! Your are done with the first part!



Next we are moving to the bedroom. Remove all the clutter and dust all surfaces. Open the windows to let in some fresh air. Place the drapes, linens and sheets in the washer and clean the windows. Vacuum rugs and wash them too, if you can (Look at the manual!) If you have hardwood floor or tiles, you can finish this room by wiping the floor. And if you have some time left, feel free to go through your old clothes and throw away the ones you have not worn since the last spring cleaning. 😉



Now treat yourself for a lunch break. You deserve it! 😜

After lunch, you continue with the kitchen. Clean the refrigerator and freezer and throw away old food. Clean the windows, wipe all appliances, the stove and the cabinets. To finish off, empty the trash and clean the floor.


The last room of this spring cleaning is the living room. Dust all shelves, the TV and electronics. Clean the windows and the carpets and vacuum the couch. At the end, you clean the floor and throw the pillows and blankets in the washer.





The Moonstone (Enchantment #1) by Evelyne Contant

29241744.jpgTitle: The Moonstone

Author: Evelyne Contant

Genre: Fantasy

Publication: February 21st 2016

Pages: 342

Find the book here: Amazon


Fear, love… and betrayal; that’s what I feel about my new life.
It’s a life I never asked for, at least not like that.
I certainly dreamed of adventure, of escaping from my ordinary life, but nothing prepared me for what would happen when my normal life flipped upside down.
On that fateful day, a witch, a real one, revealed to me that I’m not human! That’s right, I, Lou Mills, am an enchanter like her! It seems that I’m the key to an ancient prophecy and that I must save the world from the imminent war between humans and enchanters. What waits makes no sense; in fact, nothing seems to make sense to me since meeting her.
And then there’s this man…dark and mysterious…but so attractive. If only I could forget him. Duality is the way the Earth remains in balance, black and white, right and wrong, love and hate. What side should I fight for when the war finally breaks out? How to choose between my family…and the people who I belong to?

(via goodreads)


The book was beautiful and I absolutely hate to wait until the next in the series is published.

“Good and evil are just a matter of perspective. They’re opposites that are separated by a fine line.”

It starts of slowly and the author takes her time in building the world. I liked this because that way one really gets to know every detail and the mood is set for the story. The real action starts after the first quarter of the book and by then it really gets interesting. So much is happening, that I am amazed this is only one book. The characters were amazing. I love Lou. She is relatable: She loves books, library and solitude, three aspects which I enjoy myself. She is loyal to her friends, optimistic and enjoys life.

The evil counterpart however, I can’t seem to figure out. I liked him, then I did not, then I liked him again.  And then I despised him. And the whole process repeats. There was just something about him which drew me in. Probably not his obsessive side. I don’t know. Evelyn, why would you do that to me????? I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!

The mythology in the book is very interesting. Each enchanter has gifts that are connected to earth, water, fire, air or ether. There are many different gifts represented in this book, some of them I have never heard before. (Or do you know what a “horrifier” does? )

The plot twist at the end destroyed me. I really can’t wait to see how the story continues. (How often did I say that?  😁)

I give this book 4/5 stars, because there were some parts where I felt like i just get information dumped on me, but other than that I absolutely loved it!

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review, but this does not influence my opinion.*


Gedicht: Ich bin die Stille. 

Ich bin die Stille.

Die Zuhörerin,

Die ohne Gewinn

Stets all deinen Probleme

Und Ängsten zuhört,

Sich nicht wehrt,

Wenn mal wieder ein Kommentar

Ganz ohne Blick auf die Gefahr,

Wie dieser vielleicht auf mich wirken mag,

in mein Herz eindringt

Und dort Stück für Stück mein Leben nimmt.

Ich sehe in den Spiegel, mein Gesicht,

Bin das wirklich ich?

All diese Sorgen

Von Gestern, heute und Morgen,

Brennen mir auf der Seele,

Doch wenn ich den Moment erwähle,

Dir endlich sag,

Was all diese Zeit auf mir lag,

Drehst du dich um.

Schaust weg,

Als interessiert es dich ‘nen Dreck.

Und ich bleib Stumm.

Gedicht: Beben

Ich schau in den Spiegel,

Seh meine Augen,

Die nicht gelogen

Die Wahrheit mit sagen.

Ich erkenn mich nicht wieder,

Schau wieder und wieder,

Seh all diese Lagen, 

Erstickend und Stille.

Ich kann nicht sehen,

Wie damals mein Leben,

Lage um Lage,

Eine einzige Facade,

Des Herzens zu beben. 

Es pocht und schlägt

In lauten Tenören,

Ich habe erwägt,

den Lebenden zu gehören.

Doch in mir ganz Leise,

Und doch so laut,

Die Stille, die langsam sich aufgebaut,

Sie ergreift Besitz meines Lebens,

Nimmt mir das Beben,

Das Pochen des Herzens,

Die Quelle des Lebens,

kein laut zu entnehmen,

Den ewigen Klängen des Nichts entgehen.

Wie ist es geschehen?