The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand



Title: The Last Time We Say Goodbye

Author: Cynthia Hand

Genre: Young-Adult, Contemporary

Publisher: Harper Teen

Date of Publication: February 10th, 2015

ISBN: 9780062318473

Pages: 386


There’s death all around us.
We just don’t pay attention.
Until we do.

The last time Lex was happy, it was before. When she had a family that was whole. A boyfriend she loved. Friends who didn’t look at her like she might break down at any moment.

Now she’s just the girl whose brother killed himself. And it feels like that’s all she’ll ever be.

As Lex starts to put her life back together, she tries to block out what happened the night Tyler died. But there’s a secret she hasn’t told anyone-a text Tyler sent, that could have changed everything.
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Old Man’s War by John Scalzi (Spoiler free)



Title: Old Man’s War

Author: John Scalzi

Genre: Sci- Fi, Military

Publisher: Heyne

Date of Publication: 08.08.2016 (New edition)


John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday. First he visited his wife’s grave. Then he joined the army.
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“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” – Lloyd Alexander #NaNoWriMo Day 8


Hello my lovely fellow bookworms!
It is crazy to think that already the first week of NaNoWriMo is done. 26% of the Month have already passed (at least where I live). As you might know, ( I think I mentioned it in my previous posts) I love to write at night. It is the time when I am the most creative. But it is also annoying, because I always wake up early, no matter what time I go to bed. So far this month, I probably only got around 6-7 hours of sleep a night. If this continues on, I am really scared of the next few weeks.

Anyway, today was not my greatest writing day. I think because I knew in the back of my head that I was still 500 words above my target, I was not very motivated today. Meaning I only wrote enough to catch up on the day.


Todays word count: 1,169

Total Word count: 13,372

I really hope I will get the chance to build more words than the target word count in the next couple of days, in case  I won’t I have time to write every day.

I will go to bed now, since I literately can’t keep my eyes open.

Hope you had a lovely day!




“Write like it matters, and it will”- Libba Bray #NaNoWriMo Day7


Good evening, everyone!

Why is it that I write best between 10 pm and 1 am? It is the worst time to write if you have to get up the next morning at 6am. Trust me, been there, done that. I went to bed late last night so I decided I should sleep in until 7 (gotta get my 6 hours of sleep someway 😝) Had some classes this morning and was the worst procrastinator this evening.

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“You fail only if you stop writing”- Ray Bradbury #NaNoWriMo Day 4

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participantHello fellow crazy people!

Today it finally hit me. I had no idea what to write, how to write, and in general why I should continue this story. Every great idea I had ever had for this story, just didn’t add up with the current direction the story was going. To avoid admitting I have been defeated, I started cleaning everything in my room.

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“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”- Anton Chekhov #NaNoWriMo Day 2

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participantHello everybody!

It is day 2 of NaNoWriMo! And I am still on track (so proud of myself 😝). The quote represents my struggles today. Show don’t tell. Or: try to find as many synonyms for one and the same activity. I wrote for at least 3 hours today and spent at least one third of the time on multiple dictionaries looking up new words.

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